Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Water Ghost

I stand beneath the deep blue waters
looking up,
the waters pulling at my hair,
my heart
caught in the rhythm of the tides,
for a moment before the flood washes once again
over me.

Here you are little more than a bright shadow,
O Sun,
Filtered by the flow of the waters,
a warm spot
that at times I reach out to find,
of that time before I tread the paths
beneath the surface.

Shall I remember the day  long, long ago?
The sand
was warm beneath my dry feet in summer,
the waves
crashed along a beach that seemed to go on forever,
and I
fell into the waters, pulled down by hands who never
let go.

Lost in the depth beneath the sea, they say
a castle rises,
Home of the Dragon King and his host beneath
the waves,
Where the maidens dressed in finery gracefully sway as
they serve –
Tales made by those who never have seen the darkness of
the abyssal plain.

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